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Karina Harris The Lifestyle EntrepreneurKarina Harris was born and became a business adventure after Karina’s successful years as an entrepreneur and a student of skin from a struggle since childhood of eczema. Karina has enjoyed designing her life and being on her own schedule.  With her own products which are natural based cosmetics.  Within her first year in business Karina Harris Organics was a national vendor in Whole Foods market.  Karina decided that retail was not for her and missed the human interaction with the end customer to share the products true value.  The other part Karina was missing was inspiring others to design the lives they really want to not just live but live with passion!  Karina combined her true passion of skin care and helping others build a business that revolved around their lives instead of their lives revolved around their business.  This is when Karina started her leap of faith or more like jumped… at created a new business model.

Today, Karina’s Club enables Club Members to hold virtual events sell through their own customizable online virtual website and back office.  Karina Harris has become a leading selling platform by allowing Club Members to shape their dreams of being their own boss into a reality.  The Karina’s Club community is made up of a group of truly inspiring individuals. They are driven, with an entrepreneurial spirit who define their own achievement and exceed their lifelong dreams and work from anywhere in the world.

We want joining Karina’s Club the best decisions you’ll ever make! As a Karina’s Club Member you’ll earn extra income on your own schedule with just a cell phone and internet needed while enjoying the satisfaction of products you feel good about with friends.

Full Story

Karina Harris has devoted her life to entrepreneurship. With an unceasing passion to blaze new trails, her vision of creating and nurturing a career of her own began when she was just 10 years old, when an article about her annual lemonade stand was featured on the front page of the local newspaper. She went on to prove herself as an entrepreneurial visionary, becoming a top global producing distributor for health and lifestyle companies and teaching others how to follow in her footsteps by owning their own business, attaining financial freedom, and truly designing the life they want.

Karina Harris is a natural progression for Karina Harris. While she has always had a gift for innovation and business, she has also always struggled with eczema. This common skin condition causes patches of skin across the body to become inflamed and irritated brought on an overactive response by the body’s immune system. While eczema can be controlled with proper treatment, many eczema sufferers spend years

narrowing down what treatments work best for them. It was this personal issue that drove Karina to not only continue her life’s journey of being a student of entrepreneurship and leadership, but also a student of skin.

As Karina sought treatment for her eczema, doctors were always prescribing very thick creams, emollients, and oils to no avail. The only time she did experience relief from her skin condition was when she traveled to tropical locations and was introduced to all-natural ingredients straight from the source. This major discovery led her to tirelessly research exactly how the skin works and why these natural ingredients were the only thing that actually worked to clear up her chronic eczema.