Karina’s mission is for women feel and live with passion because passion is so much more than just something you dream about, we believe in living it.  When you share your confidence, purpose, and passion with others, your external beauty shines even brighter. By maximizing you, we empower all.

Karina Harris The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Passion Meets Purpose

Karina Harris

As the founder of KARINA HARRIS, Karina’s mission is to help women, and her greatest delight is igniting their passions and live it. “I am enamored, intrigued, and have a passion for the power that resonates from within,” Karina says. “When a woman feels passion, she is empowered.”

Karina has held tenures at the world’s top Direct Sales companies for beauty and health. Drawing on that vast background to create KARINA HARRIS, her goal was to give women an entrepreneurial path—via products women love and feel good about inside and out, luxury skincare and an innovative business model—to claim their career and financial destinies.

Having witnessed first-hand the impact that communities of empowered individuals have on the lives of others, she is determined to be a catalyst for inspiration and belief in one’s own personal power. “live with passion…you deserve it,” she notes, “the impact multiplies through the many lives they touch.”

Karina is thrilled to build KARINA HARRIS—both the company and the tribe that goes with it.  Karina’s expertise in direct sales and entrepreneurialism spans  2-plus decades.

Karina’s journey started at a very young age 10 that has positioned KARINA HARRIS to where it is today.

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