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BU Challenge

Large Call to Action Headline
Large Call to Action Headline
Attention Busy Women Who WANT to Look Younger and Feel Better in 14 Days…
Look & Feel years younger in just days… without pills, medication, laser,  surgery, or damaging products!
 Join The “BeYOUtiful Challenge” So You Can Look And Feel Younger From The Inside Out!
The Next BeYOUtiful Challenge Starts on January 6th!
Aging Beautifully has never been easier!
Registration Ends December 31st!
Join the BeYOUtiful Challenge For A One-Time Discounted Payment of Only $119.95!
Hi, Ladies… Are you:
  Exhausted fighting back the signs of aging?
  Watching more and more lines and sagging skin show up on your face and neck?
  Trying like hell to do ‘the right thing’ with diet and exercise… but still not seeing results?
  Feeling like an ‘old lady’ when you look in the mirror? 
  Bouncing from product to product and food plan to food plan to stay young?

If you checked any of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to Join the fun and exciting “BeYOUtiful Challenge.”


Because unlike any other program or plan or skin care products you may have tried, there’s not one single thing you need to change or eliminate from your current beauty regimen!
Pesky ‘Aging Enemies’ Are Running Amok In Your Body 

It’s a fact of life.


As you get older, the cells in your body start to lose their ability to do certain things they were able to do when you were younger…
Things that are important for keeping you looking and feeling young, healthy, and energetic.
One of the key things your body does is ‘scavenge’ your bloodstream for these cell-damaging molecules called free radicals
Free radicals are the enemy of youth and optimum health.
Basically, they’re ‘free ion’ oxygen molecules gone rogue. And it ain’t pretty.
Free radicals do lots of cell damage…
They prey on your cells’ DNA and ‘energy engine,’ the system that keeps you looking and feeling young and strong.
And what happens is, once they latch on to your cells, they ultimately weaken tissue, cause your skin to wrinkle, sag, and bag, and accelerate the aging process.
But that’s not all.
There’s a lot of mischief going on EXTERNALLY as well, outside your body.
The environment.
As you probably already know, the outside world can be very unfriendly to your skin and overall health if you’re not careful, by over-exposure to…
  • Damaging UV Radiation of the Sun
  • Pollutants
  • ​Toxins
  • ​Second Hand Smoke
  • ​Pollens

There’s just no escaping these EXTERNAL “Free Radicals.”


Quite frankly, the environment wreaks havoc on your body.
Your skin, face, and body are being bombarded every day by ‘the enemy.’
So, what can you do about all this nastiness that’s taking its toll on you?
To The Rescue!

Fortunately, your body produces these powerful ‘scavenger’ enzymes called anti-oxidants that destroy free-radicals.


(They’re called ‘anti-oxidants’ because they fight the damaging rogue oxygen molecules)
They know exactly where to find these toxic pests and take them down.
These cell-boosting “hero scavengers” include:
  • Glutathione
  • CoEnzymeQ
  • ​Super Oxide Dismutase 
  • and Catalase

When you’re young, your body produces lots of these natural scavengers. So eliminating free radicals isn’t an issue.


But as you reach the age of 25 and older, the production of anti-oxidants decreases.
Which means, the levels of unwanted free radicals increases. (That’s because your cells require more energy to function as you age. And a byproduct of that energy combustion is free radicals)
So you may start seeing signs of aging in your late twenties.
The effects of aging will also depend on your gene pool, you blood and body chemistry, your moods, and how well you treat your body.
What To Do…

Naturally, to maintain youthful looking skin, a healthy body, and perform your best…


You need to INCREASE your levels of anti-oxidants.
And The ONLY way to do that is by adding them to your diet.
Typically, this is done in one of 3 ways…

1. Eat foods containing anti-oxidants

2. Injections
3. Supplements
The problem is, there are drawbacks to each one of these methods…

Foods high in anti-oxidants are hard to come by, and can be quite pricey.


And you have to eat of lot of them to have any real effect in your body.

This is a great way to make sure the anti-oxidants you need get directly into the bloodstream.


But, at $900 per shot once a week, women like you and me can hardly afford the luxury of injections.
So unless you’re Jennifer Aniston, this option just isn’t feasible.
This is the most common way to take anti-oxidants.
There are lots of brands on the market to choose from. But just how effective are they?
The truth is, not very.
And here’s why…
Most supplements are taken in pill or powder form.
And the active ingredients are almost always packaged with fillers, binders, artificial chemicals,
and synthetics.
The REASON these supplements contain so many fillers is to prevent them from being destroyed by the harsh environment of your digestive system.
Pills and powders must go through a gauntlet of defense and filtering systems that include…
The digestive tract, stomach acids, intestines, cell linings, the gut wall, enzymes, and your liver.
This process is called the “First Pass Effect.”
But the binders, fillers, and inactive ingredients can’t stop the majority of the nutrients from getting filtered out.
By the time all is said and done, a whopping 70-90% of all the nutrients and anti-oxidants are excreted or filtered out of your body!
There goes your money, right down the toilet…literally.
So, what can you do to make sure that your skin and body gets the necessary anti-oxidants and
anti-aging nutrients it needs to look and feel young?
A Long, Hard Road
Hi there, I’m Deedrian Taylor.
I’m 48 years old.
Ever since I was a young teenager, I’ve
had severe cystic acne, which left scars.
In high school, I felt so embarrassed
and self-conscious about how I looked.
Did you feel this way, too?
I tried all the creams, lotions, masks,
and treatments but nothing hardly anything worked.
And even though I have very oily skin, all that stuff left my complexion dry, cracked, peeling, red, and uneven.
As I got into my 20’s and 30’s, I found some products that helped a little bit,
but I still wasn’t happy with my skin.
As I got older, the typical signs of aging kicked in…
Smile lines, crows feet, bags under my eyes.
Oh, and let’s not forget that I loved the outdoors and being in the sun!
I bounced from system to system to save my skin for over 23 years.
I bet you can relate.
But then last year, I discovered
something that truly changed my life.
“I’ve Never Had Results Like This Before”
Believe me, I wasn’t really looking for ‘the next thing.’
I pretty much settled on, “I guess this is the way it is and will be.”
So I stuck to my health and beauty routine…which was ok.
As long nothing disrupted that, I was fine.
But then I stumbled upon “Eternal.”
Now, I’m someone who likes to know if something works or not. My radar goes up big time.
You too?
I think it’s the skeptic in me.
And with Eternal, I was really dubious.  
Because it’s not something you apply to your face or skin…
And it’s not a powder or tablet.
It’s actually a LIQUID GEL that you drink from a packet!
I heard from a few women that they loved it, and were seeing these amazing results.
So before I started taking “Eternal”…
I took a selfie. My ‘before’ picture.
I test EVERYTHING and I wanted to SEE the difference for myself.
I also wanted to see if Eternal lived up to all the hype and claims.
With so many skin and beauty and health products out there, you don’t know who to trust!
I can’t tell you how much money and time I’ve wasted ‘buyin’ and tryin.’
You know how that goes, right?
After 10 days of taking Eternal, I took another selfie.
I put the pictures side by side.
Holy Mackerel!
I couldn’t believe it. There really was a difference!
  • Wrinkles around my mouth vanished
  • My eyes were brighter and younger looking
  • ​Way less oily
  • Crows feet were disappearing
  • My cheeks ‘plumped’
  • ​Smile lines and ‘sun spots’ faded
  • Dark eye bags disappeared
  • ​My entire face glowed
Even a mole on my thigh that I’ve had all my life was shrinking! What?!
These are my Day 1 and Day 10 “Before and After” pics:
Is this amazing or what?
Wait! It gets better.
When I went out with my friends, they’d say all these wonderful things …
“Your skin…What’ve you done? I can’t believe how young you look. You’re GLOWING.”  
What woman doesn’t like hearing those words?
I can’t tell you what that’s done for my confidence.
I was stunned by how FAST Eternal worked.
Even my husband, who I’ve been married to for 28 years, said to me in bed one morning as we were waking up…
“You should see yourself, Deedrian. Your eyelids have lifted, your skin is just glowing, and, like, you have more plumpness. You look amazing!” 
My heart melted. I know he loves me but when you hear something like this…?
What I loved most about “Eternal” is that I didn’t have to change a thing about my beauty regimen.
Unlike other new products, lotions, or health and beauty ‘protocols’ you try…
Where you have to STOP using your current routine (one that you finally like)…
That’s not the case with “Eternal”. You can keep doing what you’re doing!
Use “Eternal” WITH your current beauty regimen. You don’t have to change a thing!
New Liposomal Advanced  Technology
This New “Liposomal Advanced Technology”  Helps You Look Years Younger And Age Beautifully…  From the Inside Out
“Eternal” totally transformed the look, feel, and tone of my skin and inner self…and that of thousands of other women.
The reason is twofold…
Eternal is a delicious and fruity liquid gel that you drink right from the packet in the morning or at night before going to bed.
That’s it. It’s that simple.
No lengthy facial routines or ingesting handfuls of supplements.
Just pull the tab off the pack and sip away.
Take a look what’s packed into every serving:
10 Superfruits
Best source of anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and phytochemicals…including equatorial Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Banana, Cranberry, Acerola, Reservatrol, Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate. These superfruits help prevent premature aging that’s due to oxidative stress.
The most powerful free radical scavenger in the body. This ninja molecule combats premature aging and maintains a healthy immune system. This mighty anti-oxidant also helps repair cell damage related to stress and pollution.
Hydrolized Collagen
Along with Elastin, hydrolyzed collagen may help stimulate collagen production for healthier, plumper, more vibrant cheeks, lips, mouth and skin.
MicroActive CoQ10
5 Clinical studies show this coenzyme may help increase nutrient absorption by up to 3x compared to other forms of CoQ10
Sunflower Lecithin
This special brand helps balance fat levels in the bloodstream; improves heart health; contains anti-oxidants that boost the immune system
These powerful Liposomal Polyphenol antioxidants counteract the effects of free radicals by supporting the systems within our bodies that increasingly come under attack as you age.
Eternal contains NO:
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • ​Flavors
  • ​Wheat
  • ​Lubricants
  • ​Flow Agents
  • Colors
  • ​Gluten
  • Dairy
  • ​Binders
  • SLS
  • Additives
  • ​Casein
  • ​Soy
  • ​Fillers
  • Ti02
Eternal’s Proprietary “Advanced Delivery Technology TM” ensures 85-95% of the nutrients are delivered directly to your cells.
That’s a whopping 633% increase in absorption over supplements and other delivery methods!
How is this possible?
Well, it has to do with these ‘protective warriors’ called LIPOSOMES.
As Dr. Emek Blair explains it, Liposomes are double-layered cellular ‘bubbles’ that carry the critical nutrients into your body.
It’s a complete and unique ‘delivery and absorption’ system. 
These Liposomal bubbles pass easily through the harsh digestive system and across the villous membrane of your intestine intact and right into your bloodstream.
But that’s not all…because the liposome is made up of the same material as your cells, it becomes part of the cell wall…so it refortifies it for future cellular regeneration.
When all is said and done, this “Advanced Liposomal Technology” TM…
  • Raises collagen and elastin levels
  • ​Counteracts destructive free radicals
  • ​Promotes Cellular Lifespan
  • ​Supports optimal cardiovascular health
So now you know why I love Eternal so much.
I couldn’t contain my excitement. It worked SO well I told my friends about it…

Hear What These Women Just Like You

Have To Say About “Eternal” 
Get Daily Training, Coaching, And Fun Strategies
EVERY DAY for 14 Days!
Introducing the…
Over the past year, I’ve helped hundreds of women gain back years of youth and vitality by introducing them to “Eternal.”
And because of the amazing results these women have seen in just days after they started using this proprietary power-packed anti-oxidant…
I wanted to share with you a FUN, EASY, and FAST way for you to get similar life and beauty-transforming results.
It’s a PROVEN, one of a kind, self-starter system called the “14 Day BeYOUtiful Challenge.
This extremely powerful coaching and training program can be done right at home.
You don’t even have to get out of your jammies.
And…you’ll be doing this alongside other fellow women warriors!
When you combine your daily dose of “Eternal” with this exciting training, you’ll see and feel the difference in record time…
This 14 Day Challenge and Training will show you how to…
  • Get Eternal working for YOU from Day 1
  • Fade and even eliminate wrinkles, bags, crows feet, spots, acne, discoloration, more
  • Boost your anti-aging efforts up to 85%
  • Maximize your energy and vitality in just hours
  • Sustain your beautiful looks, skin, and self…for years
  • Stay on track with your personal regimen for optimal results
  • Operate at Peak Performance every day, all day
  • Get super-focused on feeling your best…the EASY way
  • ​Switch off those ‘negative’ voices in your head because they no longer serve you
  • Trust, Respect, and Love yourself, your body, and your spirit
  • Feel confident and empowered…and become The Warrior Woman unleashed
The “BeYOUtiful Challenge” will take you from where you are now to a whole new place… with a fresh, vibrant new look where you can see AND feel the difference…
In just 14 Days!
If you’re not happy with some of the protocols you’re doing or you still struggle with looking and feeling your best…
No matter your skin type, complexion, age, diet, exercise routine…
Then taking this Challenge is a must.
On top of everything described, the BeYOUtiful Challenge is customized to:
  • Support your immune system
  • Support youthful, healthy skin
  • Fight oxidative stress
  • Support healthy joints
  • Support cognitive function
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Support healthy inflammatory response
  • Support cartilage health
  • ​Protect against environmental pollution
  • Deliver greater nutrient bioavailability


Here’s a rundown of what you get when you join TODAY:
 14 Days of BeYOUtiful Videos ($297 Value)
 BeYOUtiful Calendar ($37 Value)
 BeYOUtiful Playbook ($97 Value)
 30 Servings of Eternal ($126 Value)
 BONUS: Best of The BeYOUtiful Awards and Afterparty ($197)
The total value of this exclusive coaching and training is $754. And I think you’ll agree that this is a STEAL for what you’re getting.
But for a limited time…
Your investment to join the “BeYOUtiful Challenge” is…
ONLY: $119.95
That’s A Total Value of $754!
Get Daily Training, Coaching, And Fun Strategies Every Day for 14 Days!

The BeYOUtiful Challenge:

Who Exactly Is This For?
I need to be completely open and honest with you…This Challenge is NOT for everyone.
First, this exclusive coaching was designed specifically for women who are willing to:
  • Commit 14 days do what it takes to look and feel their absolute best
  • Support your fellow “challenge’ sisters” on this 2 week journey
  • ​Be coached and follow what my team of Expert Trainers shows you
  • Be open to new ideas, new tips, and new training
  • ​Show up and play full out
  • Accept NO excuses
  • ​Have FUN!
The goal is to give you the beauty and health-boosting guidance you need so that  you can look and feel your best.
I’m not gonna lie to you. Some things may feel a bit outside your comfort zone.
And that’s a good thing. Because if what you’ve been doing up til now hasn’t been getting you the results you want or given you that extra ‘edge’ you’ve been looking for…
Then something DIFFERENT needs to happen.
Not to worry, because that’s what my team of EXPERT COACHES are here for…
…to make sure you:
  • Get exactly what you need to achieve your goals.
  • Support you every step of the way, every day of the Challenge
  • ​Empower you to feel special, confident, and loved
Get Daily Training, Coaching, And Fun Strategies EVERY DAY for 14 Days!
Here’s What You Get
 14 Days of BeYOUtiful Challenge Video Coaching
For 14 straight days, you’ll get access to exclusive step by step training videos. Each video is designed to get you to complete a critical task that takes you closer to your goal.
You’ll know exactly what to do, including how to:
  • Start your Eternal journey the RIGHT WAY
  • Boost your body’s anti-aging nutrients
  • ​Vanquish those unwanted lines, wrinkles, bags, spots, acne, & discoloration
  • Create a SIMPLE routine that lasts a lifetime
  • ​Stay healthy and fit WHILE supporting your skin and beauty
  • Give your body EXACTLY what it needs to reverse the hands of time
  • ​Bring out your NATURAL beauty WITHOUT stopping your current regimen
  • Surround yourself with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and grace
  • Instantly empower yourself so that you feel UNSTOPPABLE 
  • ​Pamper and indulge yourself…because you deserve it!
Each video comes with a specific call to action.
You’ll see a RESULT at the end of each video training session when you do the work.
At the end of 14 days, all you need to do is take a photo of yourself and SEE the results for yourself.
 BeYOUtiful Calendar
We made is super simple for you to go through the Challenge with your very own Daily Be-YOU-tiful Calender.
Map your progress and RESULTS every day…
Because all too often we neglect to give ourselves the credit and love for the things we’ve done.
Since you WILL experience a RESULT every day of your challenge, it’s important to write down your achievements.
Your 14 days will fly by…and your eyes will pop when you see and feel how far you’ve come in just two short weeks.
 The BeYOUtiful Playbook
Staying organized and on track is the key to success.
This is your companion playbook to the video training, from Day 1 through Day 14.
One of the key things to remember during this challenge is to take pride in your progress and daily wins.
When you complete each video and do the work,
the results will be staring you in the face.
Write down all your ideas in your Playbook, because they WILL start flowing once you get into the Challenge.
The Playbook is your personal ‘Beauty Bible,’ so keep it by your side at all times. And refer to it often. You’ll be amazed at how the Challenge gets your health, beauty, and creative juices flowing.
 30 Servings of Eternal
This is where the magic happens.
Get ready for a surge of energy and feeling beautiful from the inside out.
Start your day with a packet of Eternal. For FASTER results, take a pack in the morning and one in the evening.
Give your body the ultimate dose of
anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and phytochemicals it CRAVES to get those wrinkles on the run.
Fight back aging skin and restore your natural beauty. PLUS…boost your moods, energy, and overall well-being.
 WAIT! There’s More!
 Best of the BeYOUtiful Awards and Afterparty
You made it! Now it’s time to celebrate your NEW YOU!
Pop the cork with your BeYOUtiful ‘sisters’ and share in the love as we hand out the Eternal Beauty Awards!
Let’s party in fine style…
We’re gong to bask in your accomplishments over the past 14 days of our journey together.
We’re going to honor those who completed their daily and final challenge.
And we’re going to lay down the red carpet and pave the way for what’s to come (Surprise!!)
It’s not over yet, ladies! Wait’ll you see what’s in store for you!
(Sorry, no spoilers!)
Grand  Prize
2nd  Place
3nd  Place
*Cash Prizes and Eternal Supply is Based on 100 Challengers
Get Daily Training, Coaching, And Fun Strategies EVERY DAY for 14 Days!
Women Just Like You Are Sharing Their Story
So Are You In Yet?
This Challenge was designed for women like you who will stop at nothing to look and feel your best… no matter what your age.
The “BeYOUtiful Challenge” incorporates nature’s best anti-aging and anti-gravity fighters…
PLUS the latest science, technology, and psychology…
To combat the harsh EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL forces that can damage your cells and skin.
And do it WITHOUT you having to change your current beauty regimen!
For just $119.95, you get everything you need to look and feel…
  • Beautiful
  • Alive
  • ​Vibrant
  • Empowered
  • ​Sexy
  • Energized
  • ​Inspired
  • ​Confident
And Ageless…from the inside out.
100% Money Back Guarantee
I’m going to make this a REAL EASY DECISION for you, okay?
If you feel that the BeYOUtiful Challenge and all that you’re getting isn’t worth at least 5 times what you’re paying, I’ll refund every cent.
If you feel that what I promised isn’t true and just a bunch of hype and empty promises, I’ll refund the entire $119.95.
No questions asked.
I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I’m taking on all the risk. All I ask is that if you’re not 110% satisfied at the end of the 14 days, send me your workbook of all the milestones you completed and I’ll refund your ninety seven dollar.
That’s it. If you put in the effort and go through the challenge every day, and you don’t see results, then I don’t deserve your hard earned money.
Time is of the Essence
The next Challenge starts VERY SOON.
In fact, it begins soon!
If you’re reading this and the page is still LIVE, there are still spots left for the upcoming BeYOUtiful Challenge.
If the page is not live, you’ll have to get on the Wait List. (I don’t know when the next one will be…IF there will even be a next time.)
So click the PINK BUTTON and get registered TODAY.
Get Daily Training, Coaching, And Fun Strategies
EVERY DAY for 14 Days!
No Excuses
Sign up now.
Because the chances of it happening down the road is…let’s face it…pretty slim.
Look, there’s a ton of reasons you might have right now for saying, “I’ll do the next one”
or “I don’t have time.”
But if you think about…because you’re so busy and life gets in the way…
There really won’t be a next time.
The next time will become the next ‘next time’…and so on and so on.
Do what it takes and COMMIT NOW.
Block off the time to TAKE THE CHALLENGE.
It’s just 14 Days.
And I promise you it will be the most rewarding 14 Day investment you’ve ever made for your skin, health, beauty, and well-being.
Because at the end of those 14 days, you’ll be thanking your stars YOU DID IT!
Here’s What To Do Next
To get started, simply fill in the form below to create your account.
Then click the button that says, NEXT STEP. Real simple.
I can’t wait for you to experience similar beauty-transforming results for yourself.
Deedrian L Taylor
P.S. Did you just skip right to the bottom of this page without reading the letter? You sneaky little devil you!
Here’s what you get when you join the “BeYOUtiful Challenge” today:
14 Days of daily training and coaching videos to help you NATURALLY AND WHOLISTICALLY fade or even eliminate wrinkles, spots, discoloration, eye bags, saggy skin, crows feet, mouth lines so that you LOOK and FEEL your best…
From the INSIDE OUT.
You get a 30 servings supply of free-radical fighting anti-oxidant rich “Eternal” with its proprietary Advanced Liposomal Delivery system.
Your ‘Challenge’ also includes a BeYOUtiful Playbook, BeYOUtiful Calendar for staying on track, and a sweet Bonus…The Best of BeYOUtiful Awards and Afterparty.
The total value of this package is $754. But your investment is only $119.95. So register NOW.
If you’re not happy with the training, coaching, and results, I’ll send you a full refund. All I ask is that you send me your Playbook with the milestones completed.
Are you in? Let’s do this…together!
 Have Questions?
Contact us at




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Special Challenge Discount – Only $37!With our busy lives and full schedules… it’s easy to neglect to take care of our skin and ourselves! I’m going to share with you my personal routine that I do every day! My daily routine sets you up for a productive day, and takes the hassle and stress out of missing your BeYOUtiful routine! My Unfair Beauty Routine keeps you on track, without having to remember all the steps!

BeYOUtiful 14 Day Challenge
 14 Days of BeYOUtiful Videos ($297 Value)
 BeYOUtiful Calendar ($37 Value)
 BeYOUtiful Playbook ($97 Value)
 30 Servings of Eternal ($126 Value)
 BONUS: Best of The BeYOUtiful Awards and Afterparty ($197)
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