Our mission

Karina's MissioN

Karina’s mission is for women feel and live with passion because passion is so much more than just something you dream about, we believe in living it. When you share your confidence, purpose, and passion with others, your external beauty shines even brighter. By maximizing you, we empower all.

Inspired by the ocean and driven by passion.

Karina Harris

  • Started life out having to deal with skin issues and skincare.
  • At the age of 10 was the start as an entrepreneur with a lemonade stand and on the front page of the local newspaper.
  • By the age of 35 Karina had built a very success home -based business in the top 10% worldwide direct sales industry.  She was the featured story in several magazines and publications.
  • After traveling to many parts of the world and being forced to spend my life as a student of skin, and realizing the power of getting back the basic and using ingredients from indigenous people from around the world, along with the times spent when I could heal my own skin with nature is when Karina started creating her own skincare products. The products were so good that they were accepted as a product line into Whole Foods Market.
  • Karina’s other love as an entrepreneur was helping people build a business online from anywhere in the world and having a successful skincare line, she decided to was time to combine the two ventures as one and help change lives to better serve customers by educating them on the products, she couldn’t do this with the products sitting on a shelf.  The other half of the equation brings us to now… We now have an Influencer program to earn money from home and the Karina Harris Marketing and Training private group to train, mentor, and have the tools for our Influencers to have a successful business.

As the founder of KARINA HARRIS, Karina’s mission is to help women, and her greatest delight is igniting their passions and live it. “I am enamored, intrigued, and have a passion for the power that resonates from within,” Karina says. “When a woman feels passion, she is empowered.”