Personal Website & Virtual Business office $10/mo


  • As an Affiliate you’ll  earn 25% commission on sales.
  • 25% Off all personal purchases.
  • Your own personal discount code for 10% off for friends and family.
  • Your own personal website and virtual business office.
  • We supply the giveaways for your customers.
  • Affiliate training in our private training community. 
  • Live takeover opportunities on company social media, 
  • Refer a friend as an Affiliate and earn 5% commission on all their sales.
  • First year FREE  for the $35 annual fee.

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From personalized training to self-empowerment to compensation, our policies are built to put you first. When you win, we win, so we are collaborative by design. Once you start, you’ll have access to all of our resources and policies, but here’s what you need to know to get started:
By starting it Kit kicks off your enrollment, our back-office software, and our online training community!
You’ll establish your own replicated website to capture orders and allow team members to sign up under your leadership. This required site is $10/mo.
Starting on your first anniversary, you’ll contribute $35 annually to continue as an active affiliate.
Above all, remember that none of us is as strong as all of us. Welcome to the SeaChange  family and community.

Join as an Affiliate

Join with only $10/mo. Personal website and virtual back office. First year FREE  for the $35 annual fee.

Personalized Website and Virtual Office

Your own personalized
website for customers to purchase product and a
back office to track orders, monitor your progress and much more!


Access to our Compensation Plan, which lays out how you will earn your commission, and how to continue to grow.

Affiliate Training

EVERYTHING you need to learn to be a success as an affiliate and a lot MORE!! The Karina Harris Affiliate training and marketing system is FREE.

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