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$475.00 $238.00

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Signature Gold Stamped Hemp Extract 50mg Bath Bomb – Relax for Mood Large 5oz

Glacial Sea Mineral Mud & Sea Vegetable Body Soap – Thai Lemon Grass Scent 

Glacial Sea Mineral Mud Body Soap – Unscented

Glacial Sea Mineral Mud & Botanical Liquid Face Soap – Unscented

Sea Mineral Facial Toner – Light Refreshing Scent

Glacial Sea Mineral  Mud Purifying Mask – Unscented

Pineapple, Papaya & Pumpkin Enzyme Masque – Its Own Natural Scent 

Cannabine Essential Oil Concentrate Drop 225mg

Signature Anti-Aging Mango Face Cream – Unscented 

Signature Anti-Aging Extreme Repair Serum – Unscented

Body Glow Virgin Coconut Oil Body Sugar Scrub – Natural Scent of Coconut & Sugar

Head to Toe Body Lotion – Tahitian Blend Scented with Coconut Extract, Vanilla Extract, Orange Extract.

Premiere Ingredients

Products created to treat and care for skin, and bring out the best of its inherent beauty, are only as good as the ingredients they're crafted from. At KARINA HARRIS we take pride in thoroughly researched, time-tested, nature-backed ingredients and ancienty beauty tips from around the world.