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Customers who love our products can become a affiliate brand partner with Karina Harris.  Pick your starter kit. Free training course. No monthly fees!
Customers who love our products can become a affiliate brand partner with Karina Harris.  Pick your starter kit. Free training course. No monthly fees!

Welcome to the Seascape Empire Partners!  No monthly fees!


  • Seascape Empire Affiliates earn 20 to 30% commission on sales when you share your personal website link.
  •  Seascape Empire Training Course is FREE  Gain exclusive access to a wealth of resources, including comprehensive training, as well as a private community of Seascape Empire members.  You’ll also have the the option to explore various ways to to build your business leading with products or opportunity to build your own prosperous Seascape Empire, while benefiting from both the products and lucrative commissions.  This ensures you and your team embark on an extraordinary journey towards success.
  • 10% Off all personal purchases.
  • Personal discount code for 10% off for friends and family.

  • 2% Cashback points for you and your customers.

  • Your own personal website and virtual business office.

  • We supply the giveaways for your customers.

  • Content created and tagged to us by affiliates will have their affiliate link attached by the company.  

  • Live takeover opportunities on company social media.
  • Refer a friend as a Seascape Affiliate and earn life-time commissions of 5% on all their sale.

Step 1: Pick your business partner skincare kit.  30% discount.

“At Karina Harris, we believe in a different approach to spreading the word about our exceptional skincare products. Instead of investing in large marketing firms, we’ve chosen to empower our brand partners like you to share the Pomifera experience through genuine word-of-mouth referrals, recommendations, and education.

When you decide to partner with Karina Harris, it’s not just about promoting our products; it’s about building a thriving community. You’ll not only receive compensation for sharing our high-quality skincare solutions with your network, but you’ll also be rewarded for bringing like-minded individuals on board to share the Karina Harris brand.

Order a Karina Harris  Business kit, and you’ll unlock a world of possibilities. Inside, you’ll find a curated selection of Karina Harris brand products to help your clients with their skincare needs. 

Whether you’re looking to partner as a part-time enthusiast or you have ambitious goals for building substantial income streams, know that you are a valued member of the Seascape Empire family with Karina Harris products. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this journey to healthier, radiant skin.”

Step 2: Embrace Knowledge and Community – No fees!

After completing Step 1, you will be automatically directed to enroll in the Seascape Empire partner training course and Community.  The monthly fee of $27 that is FREE to all partners! This membership grants you access to valuable training resources and connects you with a vibrant community of like-minded partners.  Once you’ve completed this, you’ll instantly receive the link and password to access the Seascape Empire Training platform and join the exclusive private community.

Step 3: Set Up Your Affiliate Hub – No fees!

Upon completing Step 2, you’ll seamlessly proceed to Step 3. Here, you’ll enroll and establish your personalized affiliate website, links, coupons, sales tracking, commissions, and more. Your personalized replicated website that makes it easy for your referrals to order directly, and instant access to your Owner’s Suite. This suite equips you with the tools and resources needed to run your small business efficiently and effectively.

See you on the inside!