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Deep Beauty Stone


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What is it: Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone – Facial Gua Sha Tool

Introducing the Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone, a pinnacle of facial gua sha tools that will transform your skincare ritual. Unlike traditional gua sha stones made from quartz, our exquisite beauty stone is crafted from Bian stone, renowned for its exceptional quality and healing properties. Embrace the power of ancient Chinese beauty practices with each sculpting and invigorating stroke.


Why you’ll love it:  Exceptional healing properties:  Bian stone, formed when a meteor struck a mountain in acient China, holds an abudance of minerals and healing energy.  This extraordinary stone emits ultrasound pulses, far infrared rays, and negative ions, unleashing antioxidant and anti-aging effects that nourish your cells and DNA for a radiant complexion.


Versatile Uses: The Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone has diverse applications in Chinese medicine. It complements moxibustion, acupuncture, feng shui, dietary therapy, exercise, massage, herbal medicine, and meditation. Warm it with moxibustion, use it before acupuncture to warm the skin, integrate it into feng shui practices, utilize it for exercise or massage, infuse it in water for herbal medicine, or let it serve as a soothing anchor during meditation. Its true splendor shines brightest in facial gua sha, where it can be used for hot stone massage, prepping the skin for acupuncture, or the exquisite art of gua sha itself. Experience the magic of the Bian stone.


Authentic Medicinal Crystals: Crafted with pure and authentic medicinal crystals, the Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone is carefully selected for its exceptional skin healing properties and its profound impact on the emotional body. Each stone is infused with a unique and powerful essence. Delicate white veins, remnants of the meteor’s collision with the Earth, adorn the stone, adding to its individuality and strength.

Facial Gua Sha Benefits: The facial gua sha method employed by the Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone releases tension in facial muscles, smooths the fascia, and enhances blood and lymph circulation, promoting a more vibrant complexion. It also facilitates deeper absorption of the whole plant actives found in skincare products, unlocking their full potential and ensuring deeply hydrated, plump, toned, and sculpted skin that emanates a luminous glow.


What fans say:  Customers love the transformative power of the Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone.  They appreciate its exceptional healing properties, versatile uses in Chinese medicine, and the authentic medicinal crystals used in its creation.  The facial gua sha technique combined with the stone’sunique essence, brings remarkable benefits to their skin, promoting a vibrant and radiant complexion.  Users notice immediate results in reducing puffiness and fine lines, while consistent use over time leads to long-lasting transformation.


Frequently asked questions:

  1. 1.  Is Gua Sha suitable for breakout-prone skin?
  2. 2.  The Starstruck Deep Beauty Ritual is beneficial for clearing breakout-prone skin. However, it is advisable to avoid gua sha over active breakouts. Our skincare products are designed to complement breakout-prone skin.
  3. 3.  How much pressure should I apply when performing Gua Sha?
  4. 4.  Gentle strokes are recommended, especially around the delicate eye area. Imagine frosting a cake with utmost care – it requires only a gentle touch to achieve exceptional results. In fact, when moving lymph, using light pressure is essential.
  5. 5.  How do I clean my Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone?
  6. 6.  Prior to each use, clean your stone with warm water and a skin-friendly cleanser or soap. We suggest storing it in a padded pouch, as these stones are relatively fragile.

DirectionS For Use

For best results, practice at least 3 times per week. Daily use is encouraged, but not more than once per day.


Ingredient List

100% Bian Stone

Please note the Starstruck Deep Beauty Stone is a handcrafted stone and can break if dropped. Handle with care.

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